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Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Hillbrokes Investment, we firmly believe that 'sustainability' is a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value. It helps us embrace opportunities and manage our business risks from economic, environmental and social perspectives.

With this as a backdrop, we recently created a Corporate Responsibility Committee within our Board of Directors and we have tasked several of our employees with accountability in this area. The purpose of our Corporate Responsibility Committee is to focus on the sustainability of our operations, by overseeing our environmental, safety and health and corporate social responsibility performance, as well as remaining current on new safety and health, environmental and local matters. The Committee and our team of experts are currently developing the more detailed framework and plan that will pave the way for our ongoing actions in this area.

Already, our current exploration activities are subject to extensive federal, provincial and municipal laws governing environmental protection as well as employee health and safety. In addition, we have an opportunity through our exploration operations to have a beneficial economic and social impact on local communities.

Investment procedure

  • Investor write a Letter of Intent (LOI) describing specific minerals rights from Tanzania he/ she would like to explore, nature of the operation whether JV/ Buy out
  • Hill Brokes will confirm the LOI and prepare the Mineral rights as per requested by the Investor
  • The investor and Hill Brokes will execute the MOU for the governing the Investment and the operation begins.
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