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Kiabakari (Mukimbisu) Gold Project


The project is located at Kiabakari, Musoma District and covers a total area of 6.8 square km and is defined by corner coordinates as shown

1        -01 deg. 44 min. 35 sec.          33 deg. 52 min. 21 sec.

2        -01 deg. 44 min. 35 sec.          33 deg. 54 min. 31 sec.

3        -01 deg. 45 min. 30 sec.          33 deg. 54 min. 31 sec.

4        -01 deg. 45 min. 30 sec.          33 deg. 52 min. 21 sec.


Location and accessibility

The License is located about 25km SE of Musoma near Kiabakari town which is endowed with almost all basic facilities. The prospect area can be accessed throughout the year.

Climate, local resources, infrastructure and physiography

Most of mainland Tanzania consists of a central plateau from 900-1,800 metres above sea level (averaging about 1,200 m), rising gently from a fertile coastal belt that is about 15-65 km wide. 

The Lake Victoria basin lies in the northwest of the country between the arms of the rift valley. The principal mountain ranges are the Eastern Arc, in the northeast of the country, the Southern Highlands in the southwest, and the volcanic mountains in the north (Mt. Kilimanjaro, 5,896m, Mt. Meru, 4,566 m, and the Crater Highlands including Ngorongoro and Oldoinyo Lengai). The interior plateau is covered by dry thorn scrub, savannah grasslands and a variety of deciduous woodlands and forests. 

Investment procedure

  • Investor write a Letter of Intent (LOI) describing specific minerals rights from Tanzania he/ she would like to explore, nature of the operation whether JV/ Buy out
  • Hill Brokes will confirm the LOI and prepare the Mineral rights as per requested by the Investor
  • The investor and Hill Brokes will execute the MOU for the governing the Investment and the operation begins.
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