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Hill Brokes Investment Group is a Tanzanian based group with a target of developing different potential for gold re-serves which are viable for gold mining development in Tanzania and across Africa.


Established in 2008, the group has commissioned a number of gold reserves portfolio which have been adopted by other companies for further development.. by mentioning a few of them is as such as:- Kilindi project of 12 sqkm which was adopted by EDEN exploration, now trading at (Toronto Stock Exchange)TSX, Magambazi project 8 sqkm, this was adopted by affiliates of CANACO, now trading at (Toronto Stock Exchange)TSX, 1.8 sqkm in Kekunde Kilindi-Tanga region which was adopted by Anglo gold Ashanti Exploration and a 16 sqkm at Katente Ushirombo which is a successful story and now under artisanal mining operation with different communities enjoying the gold discoveries as it has created another economical support to the around community.


Hill Brokes investment group, is aimed at developing the mining assets for a secondary market by attracting a Joint Venture (J.V) operation with the companies which are trading in different equity markets around the world.


Recently, Hill Brokes, has launched an exploration project in a famous Lake victoria Green Belt (LVGB) at Kiabakari in Butiama District after it was awarded a prospecting License of 6.66 sqkm by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals on september 2014 by a Tanzanian government.


The Kiabakari Gold Project is anticipated to change the direction of the gold mining in LVGB as the group is geared at revealing to the world the biggest gold mine discovery in around this region. Characterised with the gold rush in this property it has attracted the formation of existing more than three big gold ore processors plant and and many small scale gold pro-cessing, so far yet based on speculation because of the high concentrated gold ore in this area.


The company is welcoming with confidence:- investors from local or International community with the capacity to explore and develop this huge mining asset.

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Skype: “hillbrokes.investmentgroup”


See you soon at the investment desk.


Maleva Selestine (C.E.O)

Investment procedure

  • Investor write a Letter of Intent (LOI) describing specific minerals rights from Tanzania he/ she would like to explore, nature of the operation whether JV/ Buy out
  • Hill Brokes will confirm the LOI and prepare the Mineral rights as per requested by the Investor
  • The investor and Hill Brokes will execute the MOU for the governing the Investment and the operation begins.
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