Employment opportunities at Hill Brokes Investment exist for people who are looking for a professional environment within which they can use their own unique balance of skills.Our employees are attracted by the opportunity to work closely with good leadership, where trust is earned and respected, and where you can achieve every day as well as over the long term.

We believe we are a strong employer of people motivated by being in an environment where teamwork gets things done, where employees know what is required of them and how to do it, and where everyone participates in delivering the goals of Hillbrokes Investment.

Ideally, we look for employees who can turn their technical expertise into action, have integrity, fit with our company and work environment, share our view on partnership and team orientation, have a growth focus, and a performance bias.

If you feel that you could make a difference to our sort of team, please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your current/preferred job title or area of expertise in the subject line.



There are no jobs currently available.


Investment procedure

  • Investor write a Letter of Intent (LOI) describing specific minerals rights from Tanzania he/ she would like to explore, nature of the operation whether JV/ Buy out
  • Hill Brokes will confirm the LOI and prepare the Mineral rights as per requested by the Investor
  • The investor and Hill Brokes will execute the MOU for the governing the Investment and the operation begins.
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